CC Camp Volunteer Fire Department History 

CC Camp VFD's First Asst. Chief

Bobby Stanley

In the fall 1980 Osler Jenkins, George Wilmoth, Wade Mounce and A. L. Sloop originated a petition to start a fire department in the Friendship area of Surry County.  This petition was circulated and signed by many of the area residents and was presented to Jimmy Atkins the Surry County Fire Marshal.

An organizational meeting was held on 12-02-1980 at the Friendship Baptist Church Fellowship Hall.  About 60 area residents met and voted to start Surry County’s seventeenth fire department. The residents selected an eleven member steering committee consisting of four officers and seven board of directors. The steering committee was directed to begin looking at sites for the fire station, to decide on a name for the fire department and to begin drafting bylaws.  Nineteen persons volunteered for fire training. 

Members of the board of directors were Alvis Beach, R. J. Cummings, Bob Park, Clarence Moody, Billy Gentry, Larry Bauguess, all of Elkin, Rt. 3 and Vaughn Bauguess off State Road, Rt. 2. 

Officers elected at the meeting were Guy H. Taylor of Elkin, Rt. 3, president. Keith E. Combs of Elkin, Rt. 3, vice president.  Mary Ann Neuen of Elkin, Secretary, and Margaret Bates of Elkin, Rt. 2 treasurer

C.C. Camp Volunteer Fire Department, Inc was the name selected by members at the next meeting of the department.  A set of by-laws for the department was also approved at the meeting and a fund raising committee was appointed.  The fund raising committee consisted of Osler Jenkins, Mary Chappell, Ray Childress, Margaret Bunell and Frank Wagoner.

In 1980 fire departments served a four mile radius of their station.  It was the recommendation of the fire marshal to put the department four miles from the Elkin and State Road boundary lines to have coverage in all areas.    The steering committee selected and committed to purchase a site on CC Camp Road just below the airport.  The 1.6 acre property know as the “Hampton property” was purchased for $4,000.00 from Ed Chappell of Elkin.
The fund raising committee began work immediately.  There were bake sales, auctions, an Easter Egg hunt, raffles, etc. every week.  The Friendship Senior Citizens Ladies Club quilted a quilt to be raffled.  Over $900.00 was raised on the quilt.  The committee raised $6,100 in 65 days, more than enough for the purchase of the land. The deed to the land was transferred to C. C. Camp Volunteer Department in May of 1981.

   Wyatt and Wyatt Construction Co. owned by Aaron and Brin Waytt both C. C. Camp fireman volunteered to oversee construction.  Grading began in November 1981, and major construction was completed in the summer of 1984.  The department was inspected and certified on August 1, 1984.      
  Fund-raising was a major function of the department for many years.  There was great support from everyone in the fire district.  Department members, the Ladies Auxiliary and Friendship Senior Citizens began raising money for the new department building as well as for needed equipment. 
On June 8, 1981 the department elected a new slate of officers to replace the eleven member steering committee.  Alvis Beach was elected president, while Guy Taylor stepped from President to vice-president.  Mary Ann Neuen and Margaret Bates were elected secretary and treasurer.  A seven member board of directors was also chosen.  R. J. Cummings, Clarence Moody, Larry Bauguess, Webb Richardson, Keith Combs, James Cockerham and Robby Day were elected to the board of directors.

Tommy Chappell was elected fire chief and Bobby Stanley was elected assistant fire chief.

In June of 1981 fire department members began circulation a petition calling for a fire tax referendum to sustain the department.  At least 15 percent of the registered voters who own property in the fire district must sign the petition requesting the tax be imposed on the property owners.  The signatures were gathered and the petition passed on a ballot in November 1981.

The department’s first pumper was a 1958 Ford loaned to C. C. Camp by the Town of Dobson Fire Department.

The first truck purchased was a 1969 used oil truck. The truck was converted to a tanker by department members using a truck donated by the Elkin Fire Department.

In July 1984 the department accepted delivery of a new 1984 Chevrolet Emergency One pumper.  The new truck was purchased at a cost of $64,000.00.   The pumper carries 750 gallons of water and has a 1,000 g.p.m. pump.

On 8-25-1985 the new building was dedicated.  Rep. David Diamont, D-Surry was the guest speaker and  praised those involved for their work and challenged them to go a step farther by involving everyone in the community in the department.  Almost all of  the 22 firefighters and their families were present at the dedication.  Fire Officers at this time were R. J. Carter fire chief, Bobby Stanley, assistant chief, Benny Wagoner, captain and Frankie Cheek, lieutenant.

Including the building, grounds, trucks, equipment and furnishings, the total bill for the department came to about $400,000.00.  About $260,000 of that was raised by donations and fund-raising.   $130,000.00 was borrowed from Yadkin Valley Bank and Trust.  The loan was secured by the building, property, equipment owned by the department and the personal guarantee of fireman and former president Alvis Beach.

CC Camp VFD's First Fire Chief

Tommy Chappell

Past President 1981-1985 - Alvis Beach